UNICEF USA is the United States non-profit, non-governmental organization that supports the United Nations Children’s Fund. Through fundraising, advocacy and education, they work to support the wellbeing children around the globe. We love this team of change makers and we’re proud to support their work.

Fairware has been the vendor on record for the UNICEF USA for years. We provide marketing and event merchandise for their teams and programs across the United States. As a top rated non-profit, 88.4% of every dollar spent goes directly to help children. As such, their marketing efforts need to be effective and efficient so they can be as impactful as possible with their budgets.

Unicef BackpacksEach year, we create Back to School Kits for their programs in high schools and colleges. We source products like posters, flags, t-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, and pens to ensure each of their advocate schools across the USA receives the materials they need to make the most of their programs.


The kits are an essential part of their school outreach programs. The students use the materials to promote their clubs, to advertise for their events, and to recruit new students to become members. They also use the merchandise as giveaways for campaigns and events throughout the year.

Unicef Stickers

Not only is the merchandise a key component of their campus activities, it also helps UNICEF USA to incentivize their clubs to register with them each year, ensuring they have up to date, clean data from their school groups. What a smart way to see brand consistency across the country, to drive fundraising campaigns and gather up-to-date data.

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