A project by Fairware

To most of us lanyards are those fabric necklaces worn at conferences and conventions. They usually feature an attachment at the end to hold a name tag. Sometimes they’re used for corporate key cards or identification. Maybe your gym teacher had one in highschool.

Most lanyards have a limited lifetime – they’re worn once at an event and never thought of again. We’re trying to change that by lending lanyards that can be returned once you’re finished with them.

Our lanyards have been worn by amazing people working to accomplish remarkable things in the realm of social and environmental justice.

About the Lanyards

The lanyards are composed of recycled plastic bottles and were manufactured in St. Catherine’s, ON, Canada by a supplier that meets Fairware’s Supplier Code of Conduct. These Lanyards are printed with the Fairware Lanyard Library Branding and come with a J-Hook attachment.