Diversity is inviting someone to the party, Inclusion is asking them to dance.

V. Slavich

At Fairware we embrace equal opportunity and are committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce. We welcome people of colour, people with different abilities and veterans. All sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions have a home here at Fairware. The more diverse we are, the better we will be.

As a team, we undertake training and learning on diversity and inclusion and we participate in the B Corp Inclusion Challenge. An important piece on this journey has been looking at the challenges faced by indigenous peoples in Canada as a result of historical injustices. Understanding our role in Truth and  Reconciliation is very important to us.  Other initiatives include financial literacy and transparency, inclusive hiring, social hiring, flexible hours, Living Wage.

To further our understanding and commitment on inclusion, our Co-Founder Sarah White is a member of the Presidents Group, a network of change-driven BC business leaders who are champions for more accessible, inclusive workplaces. The Presidents Group is engaging with employers and business owners around the province to improve employment outcomes for people with disabilities in BC and create a more accessible consumer marketplace. By 2024, we aim to be the most progressive province for employment for people with disabilities. Embracing an accessible and inclusive workplace is just good business.

In addition to being a B Corp, Fairware is a certified Women Owned and LGBT owned business. Yes, we had to prove we we’re gay!