Fairware launched with a mission to change the world through the simple act of buying.

We’ve been passionate advocates for changing the way business is done and how supply chains are managed. We focus our efforts on three areas; ethical sourcing, sustainable products and our own in-house efforts to be better corporate citizens. We know that we need to walk the talk to relate to our clients and the kind of change they’re trying to make.

For us, sustainability is more than having a few ‘green products’ in our assortment. We’re sustainable brand strategists and merchandise is our medium. We think about the big picture impacts of the products we sell, as well as the potential they have to change behaviors and reflect more environmentally responsible and ethical manufacturing practices. Sustainability isn’t a side bar for us, it’s what we do, all day, everyday.

We’re a founding Canadian B-Corporation, and doing good has been baked into our DNA as a company from day one. Check out our B-Corp score.