WeTheChange Demands Justice And Equity For Black People. Now.


June 8, 2020 – Repost from WeTheChange

WeTheChange is a global network of women and gender-nonconforming business leaders of B Corps and other purpose-driven organizations, committed to creating a radically inclusive and richly regenerative global economy. We believe in business as a force for good to generate abundance and prosperity for all.

Yet, we are so far from that vision. We are beneficiaries of a Capitalist system, one that was never meant to work for Black people. Additionally, the celebration of exponential growth in profits for some excludes the vast majority of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and other people of marginalized identities.

The events unfolding in our country right now point to how far we are from the promise of America, the promise of liberty and justice for all. We are filled with anger, frustration, and sadness at the blatant racial injustice Black people still face, the lives that go unfulfilled, and the lives lost because of it.

In solidarity, we the Indigenous, people of color, and white members of WeTheChange stand with our Black sisters and brothers. We want you to know that we are here for you: ears for listening, shoulders to lean on, and warm arms to provide comfort.

Beyond this, we grieve with you. We will join your generations-long struggle to end racial violence that is claiming precious Black lives. We demand justice and equity. Now.

We strongly encourage active financial support of these Black-led groups working historically and in this moment as always doing the work needed for liberation.

National Groups

Local Groups in Minneapolis

This is the first step we are taking and we invite you to journey together with us for more direct action. Please join us in standing up and declaring Black Lives Matter.

In love and solidarity,


WeTheChange Women and Gender Non-Conforming Leaders of B Corps:

  • Diana Marie Lee, Sweet Livity
  • Olayinka Credle, Melanin Essentials
  • Ruksana Azhu Valappil, NEEV
  • Rose Penelope Yee, Green Retirement
  • Sara Schley, Seed Systems
  • Kim Coupounas, B Lab
  • Maiya Holliday, Mangrove Web
  • Jennifer Piette, Narrative Food & Regenerative Economies Action Group
  • Alisa Herr, Unity Web Agency
  • Sarah White, Fairware
  • Denise Taschereau, Fairware
  • Kim Fuller, Phil
  • Kristy Wallace, Ellevate Network
  • Carrie Fox, Mission Partners
  • Anna Colibri, Colibri Digital Marketing
  • Lorraine Schuchart, Prosper for Purpose
  • Anne Chambers, Certifiably, Inc
  • Shamini Dhana, Dhana
  • Caryl Levine, Lotus Foods
  • Lisa Hrabluk, Wicked Ideas
  • Susan Leger Ferraro, Imajine and G3
  • Erin Childs, Boloco
  • Kristen Cooper, Blackbird Benefits Collective
  • Emily Lonigro, LimeRed
  • Erin Boyd Kappelhof, Eat Well Global
  • Seleyn DeYarus, At The Epicenter
  • Lora Ledermann, Scream Agency
  • Rebecca Oppenheim & Gail Buck, NextOPP Search
  • Mary Cleaver, Cleaver Co
  • Aimee Koval, Metis Consulting Group
  • Etienne Morris, Morris Recruiting & Consulting
  • Minna Yoo, Love Bottle
  • Maryam Sharifzadeh, Office Yoga
  • Mia Levesque, YIKES, Inc.
  • Terri Maxwell, Share On Purpose, Inc.
  • Carolyn Pistone, Clear Blue Commercial, Inc.
  • Cristina Bernardo Kullberg, Emzingo|U
  • Jennifer Moreau-Chick, World For Good
  • Kristin Joys, do good well consulting
  • Lindsey McCoy, Plaine Products
  • Natalie Rekstad, Black Fox Philanthropy
  • Mary Stelletello, Vista Global Coaching & Consulting
  • Lisa Hyman, goodDog
  • Chance Claxton, U-Konserve
  • Polina Pinchevsky, RoundPeg
  • Braden Rawls, Vital Plan
  • Lisa Geason-Bauer, Evolution Marketing, LLC
  • Desiree Bombenon, SureCall
  • Stephanie Ryan, B Lab
  • Teff Ayral, Future State
  • Meg Barnhart, Zen of Slow Cooking
  • Kristin Hull, Nia Impact Capital
  • Nell Derick Debevoise, Inspiring Capital
  • Alison Sokol Blosser, Sokol Blosser Winery
  • Magali Mathieu, atlasGO
  • Elizabeth Topp, Meaningful Organizational Design, inc.
  • Alexandra Ostrow, WhyWhisper Collective
  • Victoria Foster, FutrueWomenX
  • Jessica van Thiel, PATHFINDER | Sustainable Development Solutions
  • Shivani Singh, PATHFINDER | Sustainable Development Solutions
  • Kimberley Jutze, Shifting Patterns Consulting
  • Anna Grace Sampson, We Are Neutral
  • Claire Theaker-Brown, Unbelts
  • Andrea Hackman, One Village Coffee
  • Valerie Bateman, Lawyer
  • Kristi Meyers, Legacy Vacation Resorts
  • Kara Peck, B Lab US & Canada
  • Kate Jakubas, Meliora Cleaning Products
  • Elizabeth Freudmann, One More Thing LLC
  • Indra Gardiner Bowers, 62ABOVE
  • Lara Pearson, Brand Geek
  • Lindsay Dayton LaShell, Diamond + Branch
  • Heather A. Benjamin, Attorney
  • Lynn Carpenter, EPOCH Pi
  • Sarah Severn, Severn Consulting
  • Carolina Miranda, Cultivating Capital
  • Elisa Miller-Out, Chloe Capital
  • Samantha Richardson, Ethical Profit Agency
  • Liz Rubin, Ecodeo
  • Michelle Hirons, HigherRing
  • Crystal Mario, Rivanna Natural Designs
  • Gretchen Wirth, Rivanna Natural Designs

Original post by #WeTheChange. Check it out and sign the declaration.