Uniting for Local Impact – Introducing the Fairware Impact Committee


At Fairware, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Impact Committee, a team dedicated to supercharging our community support initiatives while having a blast along the way! Our Impact Committee is all about fostering connections and making a real difference in the lives of community members and the health of our environment. We’re not just another committee – we’re a force for positive change! #bethechange 

Measuring Success and Tracking Progress 

Our community impact efforts have grown organically over the years, whether it be donating to a cause we believe in or showing up to support our community in their endeavours. But like most grassroots efforts, we haven’t been tracking them effectively. With the Fairware Impact Committee, we believe the power of data will help us to tell our impact story. Our committee will set goals to hold ourselves accountable to the high standards we set for ourselves and plan to meticulously measure and track our efforts, ensuring that every action leads to meaningful results. Numbers don’t lie, and we’re on a mission to prove it.  

Making an Impact 

Impact doesn’t stop with us – we want to encourage folks to join our efforts and participate in vibrant events while educating everyone about the pressing needs and the joy of making a difference – forming friendships, and fostering growth. 

For our first Initiative as a committee, we rolled up our sleeves and made waves with a beach cleanup between Fairware and Reeve Consulting. We opened the event to online signups and had 44 people attend the beach cleanup –  a great turnout to prevent plastic and trash from entering the ocean! 

Equipped with gloves, trash pickers, and trash bags supplied by the Keep Vancouver Spectacular, our enthusiastic volunteers were led by both of our offices to safely comb the beach and park areas of Vancouver’s Jericho Beach in late July. We gathered heaps of trash and recycling and saw nothing but smiles while folks took to the area. Our joint efforts beautifully exemplified the power of collaboration in creating positive change. Laughter, camaraderie, and healthy competition were the order of the day. Participants engaged in spirited contests on who could gather the most garbage. 

Group photo of participants of the beach clean up with approximately 43 people showing
The Fairware team in a park, wearing purple t shirts

Sustainably Satisfying 

Afterward, we met at the picnic tables for some delicious vegan foods by Planted Love Foodtruck and refreshing bubbly waters #notsponsored. We sincerely thank every participant, organizer, and supporter who contributed to our beach cleanup event! 

Amplifying our Impact 

To take Fairware and Reeve Consulting’s efforts further, we donated $700 to Ocean Wise to demonstrate our commitment to meaningful action to protect and restore the oceans that sustain us. Through this partnership, we amplify the impact of our beach cleanup efforts and foster a sense of responsibility and stewardship that will further inspire positive change in our community. 

Stay tuned for more Fairware Impact Committee updates! 

Want to start your own beach cleanup? Check out the Keep Vancouver Spectacular Block Captain’s Manual or donate to Ocean Wise to support their work!