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Drive Change with Promotional Products

Sourcing great promotional products is what we do. We know that using branded products brings your business and events’ attention – informing the world about the cool things you do. By looking at our habits, we can do better for ourselves, others, and the environment – now let’s make the journey fun!

Gamifying Health and Environmental Conservation

Gamification has successfully changed habits to improve people’s wellbeing by injecting fun into mundane tasks. Thus, motivating users to run further, be more productive at work, and of course, drink more water. While several water tracker apps on the market encourage us to drink back our H20, the Fill it Forward program is one of the elites. Fill it Forward is both motivating and impactful, and above all, it changes habits and drives conservation by encouraging reuse.

Children playing in water provided by charitable actions related to the Fill it Forward program.


Using your Promotional Products to Drive Charitable Impact

With the single act of drinking water, not only will you track your hydration, you and your colleagues can eliminate single-use bottle waste and benefit amazing causes. Every time you scan your Reuse Tracker, Fill it Forward contributes to charitable projects around the world. You can even track the progress of the projects and get updates as the projects are completed.

Each scan drives donations to the completion of a generous program. These programs provide clean drinking water (and nutritious food) to those in need. They help communities AND have a positive environmental impact – that’s the motivation we need!


Track your efforts to drive Environmental Impact

With the Fill it Forward app, your collective can track their total reuses and carbon footprint metrics so that you can see the change in action like information on waste diverted, emissions saved, and ocean pollution prevention!

All the practical details of what you are accomplishing by creating positive change and sticking with it are included in the app – and yes, hydration too. The company’s 2019 impact report states that 18,125.34 lbs. of plastics saved, 186,180.68 lbs. waste saved, and 2,359,964.92 kWh power 2,081,25.85 lbs. emissions saved. These numbers come from the millions of single-use items diverted from landfills and waterways, and Fill it Forward is still attentively counting.

Stay up to date with your teams’ efforts - track their total reuses and carbon footprint metrics.

Create a Unique Program

Develop a program that works for your team’s interests and goals. There are many causes to support. Connect with us to choose your scannable products and get started on your journey to reduce plastic waste and help those in need.

Get started

How it works

Select Products – Hydration and travel drinkware and tote bag options
Customize – Apply branding of the event, company or school and full wrap options
Select a Charity – Many charitable partners to support
Impact – Unlock projects in the app to make an impact
Track – Start tracking and see your impact
Report – Create reports from your efforts

Check out our Gift Guide and see how you can utilize the Fill It Forward Program and Products.

Reusable promotional water bottles that encourage change

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