At Fairware we consider the upstream and downstream impacts of our business. As a merchandise company that means we look at the ‘end of life’ impacts of the products we produce. Our goal is to sell durable, practical goods that have long lives and stay out of landfill. That said, we know some items will come to a natural end of life and we aim to ensure our clients know how to dispose of those items responsibly.

In addition, there are times when a product is misprinted or, because of a brand update, the product becomes obsolete. We work with clients in those situations to ensure the product is reused, recycled or disposed of responsibly.


  • We aim to sell products that are long-lasting, durable, and stay out of landfill.
  • We aim to sell products that are made from materials that are easily recyclable or compostable in accordance with leading standards and the FTC Guidelines on Environmental Claims.
  • We can inform clients on the recyclability of their marketing items in given markets according to the FTC Guidelines if needed.

In the case of misprints or damaged merchandise:

  • We offer a discount to our client if the product is still usable.
  • We try to find a way to re-brand the product so it can still be used (e.g. over print or add a patch)
  • We strive to upcycle or find an alternative way to repurpose the product if possible.
  • We work with the client to determine if there is a re-use/donation or charitable giving opportunity.
  • We research and manage recycling or responsible disposal if necessary.