All About Patches

There are many ways to decorate your apparel and products. Patches and Woven Labels are a great and on-trend option.
Patches are super popular right now and allow for a great level of detail. They add a ‘retail’ feel to products, and using patches and woven labels is also a way to brand across different products but make them feel like part of the same collection.

Custom patches were made famous in the Seventies when patches adorned the clothes of folks shouting messages
about peace, love and happiness. In the Eighties, the world of Rock&Roll embraced patches as a symbol of identity, personality, and solidarity. Patches are an ever-present part of fashion, and by embracing them in your merchandise programs by association, these cultural connections become part of your brand.

There are 7 main types of patches. The different materials convey a different look and feel. The complexity of your art might dictate which patch is best. Leave it to our experts to help you create a custom patch and woven label program.

Fairware Guide to Patches and Labels