Promotional Product Statistics | How Merchandise is Used


We love seeing promotional product statistics to help us understand how the products we make get used. A recent study done by our industry’s membership organization shows that promotional products are the most high-impact, cost-effective advertising medium around.

At Fairware, it’s important to us to sell product that will have a long life, and data like this helps our clients make educated decisions about the product they purchase.

Check out some of the highlights below.


What’s the most common promotional product?

When asked what promotional products each consumer owned, nearly everyone said that they had a promotional pen or piece of drinkware.

Percentage of Promotional Products Owned by Consumers

How long do people typically hang onto promotional products?

Across all products surveyed, the average response showed that promotional products are kept for about one year. Outerwear, umbrellas and t-shirts stay around longest while calendars, writing instruments and headwear are kept the shortest amount of time.

How Long Do Most People Keep Their Promo Merch?

How impactful are promotional products?

In the United States, outerwear generates the most impressions (6,100) of any item measured in the study. This is because outerwear is often worn in public places where it can be seen by many people. Other items that deliver a large number of impressions are headwear, t-shirts, bags and writing instruments.

Number of Impressions Made from Promo Merch

What about Canada?

For Canadians, it’s particularly important to receive products that have been made in Canada from eco-friendly materials.

Canadian Promotional Products

Interested in learning more? You can view the full study results here.