Fairware Supports PromoCares Water4Good Campaign


For the months of April to June 2023, Fairware is donating 1% of sales* of all reusable water bottles to Promocares Water4Good Campaign.

The manufacturing and printing of promotional merchandise have a large environmental footprint. To source raw materials and manufacture, dye, print, and transport custom-branded goods, even the most ‘sustainable’ of suppliers have an impact.

fabric dying facility

According to an Institute of Water report, a single conventional t-shirt requires as much as 2,720 litres of water to produce. Another way to look at that stat? Every single cotton t-shirt in your closet represents over 900 days of drinking water for one person. And textile production is estimated to be responsible for about 20% of global clean water pollution from dyeing and finishing products.

To help mitigate these impacts, Fairware is supporting the Promocares Water4Good Campaign. You can check out our new Drinkware Lookbook to get inspired and help us support this amazing initiative.

Fairware Drinkware lookbook

Campaign Goal

PromoCares exists to inspire, educate and provide actionable strategies to encourage social and environmental responsibility in the promotional products industry. Their goal is to raise enough funds for their partner, Planet Water Foundation, to build 1-3 AquaTowers. The towers will be constructed in 2023 in rural communities in Mexico. A single tower will give fresh water to a community of 1,800 people! 100% of the donations go to their charitable partner.

The Planet Water Foundation’s mission is to transform the health and well-being of children in the world’s most impoverished communities by providing access to safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene education. Their programs are focused on schools, children, and rural communities across the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America to abolish global water poverty one community at a time. Planet Water Foundation is a Platinum Transparency ranked NGO with Candid.

*We will donate 1% of sales of reusable water bottles for the months of April, May, and June 2023 up to $1000 CAD

How to Support

To support the campaign,  check out our new Drinkware lookbook and work with us to drive impact with your water bottle purchases in April – June 2023.