Fairware to Plant 10 Kelp for Every Order with veritree


Fairware is setting out to #helpthekelp

We know the promotional products industry impacts the environment through the production and distribution of goods. That’s why we promote products with sustainable materials and third-party certifications that support ethical and responsible environmental practices. Continuing our journey to use our business as a force for good, we’ve partnered with veritree to plant 10 kelp for every order.

veritree was created to provide transparency and verification to the tree planting process through its dedicated data-driven restorative platform. With on-the-ground monitoring and blockchain verification, veritree provides real-time access and visibility to restorative projects. Furthermore, veritree gives us the assurance that our restorative efforts are helping to revitalize ecosystems, strengthen communities, and mitigate climate change.

We’ve always invested in initiatives to improve our home communities and province. How are we doing this with veritree? Kelp! Kelp forests support biodiversity, coastal fisheries and livelihoods and have the potential as a carbon sink. Globally, over 40 percent of kelp forests have declined over the past five decades due to climate change, overexploitation, and pollution. Through our new partnership, we’re addressing this issue. Starting January 2023, we’re planting ten kelp for every order we invoice. 

Working with Fairware means your order will help restore kelp forests along the Pacific coast of British Columbia, Canada using new and innovative techniques. The restored kelp forests will help to support marine life, local communities and mitigate climate change.

Fairware is investing in this regenerative project to leverage our business as a force for good. To learn more about our ‘seaforestation’ initiative, visit our kelp forest!