New Employee Welcome Gifts | How to Onboard New Hires Like a Pro

new hire welcome gift

The first day of work can be nerve wracking for a new employee for many reasons. Meeting new co-workers and trying to learn the ins-and-outs of a new role can be overwhelming. How you choose to welcome your new employees onboard can leave a lasting impression – so make it a good one! 

What Are New Employees Looking For? 

Studies show that people entering the workforce today are looking for more than a job, they’re looking for connection and purpose. They’re seeking mentorship as much as they’re seeking a paycheck. Sending a signal on day one that you are ready and waiting for them to be part of your team will set the tone.   

While many employers are shifting focus toward employee retention, the first day can still often be overlooked. Regardless of the size of your company, having an ‘onboarding’ program in place will help to familiarize new hires with your company, while also making them feel welcome.  

How To Make A Great First Impression 

First impressions are everything. No one wants to show up to work on the first day to be met by an unorganized manager who hasn’t found them a desk, a pen, or a book to write in. The simplest onboarding kit sends two strong messages: one, you’re happy they are there, and two, you’re organized. 

Make sure your new employee’s desk is specially set up for them on their first day. Your onboarding kits don’t have to be fancy or expensive, but a bit of thought goes a long way in welcoming new staff like a pro. 

Have their business cards laid out on the desk with a printed team roadmap so they know who to ask for what. Write a simple welcome letter thanking them for joining your team to add a personal touch. You can even share your favourite spots to get a morning coffee or an after-work beer. Better yet, give them a custom branded reusable travel mug with a gift card to your local coffee shop, then take them there so you can get to know each other along the way! 

Custom Branded Travel Mug

Branded Employee Welcome Gifts 

Creating a custom branded merchandise kit for your new employees will give them the opportunity to be brand ambassadors from the get-go. If you’re old school like us, a custom journal and a set of pens with your company values printed on the barrel might be the perfect thing to add to your new hire kit. If you’re a more youthful brand, find out your new employee’s sizing ahead of time and lay a folded branded hoody or t-shirt on the desk so they feel like part of the team right away. Don’t have the budget for apparel? Give custom pinback buttons or stickers they can add to their favourite bag or water bottle. 

Brand Values and Sustainability 

Through new employee welcome gifts, you have an opportunity to reflect your sustainability priorities and core values to new staff. By leveraging merchandise that is ethically sourced and sustainable to showcase your story, you’ll be off to a great start. Consider giving zero waste kits to reflect your company efforts to reduce your footprint. 

Zero Waste Kits

We’ve worked with companies across North America for the past 10+ years to create employee welcome gifts, so we have lots of experience and ideas to share. We’ve built an e-book with 7 Tips for Making New Hires Feel Welcome to help you get started. Take a peek to learn more! 

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