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As a leader in sustainable and eco-friendly promotional products, we’re always looking for ways to minimize the footprint of marketing, event and corporate merchandise. We’ve built a great line of organic, recycled and up-cycled products for custom branding, and we also provide our clients with ways for them to connect and reward their staff, clients, donors and volunteers without having to send an actual ‘product’ through the use of digital gifts. Even the most sustainable products can gather dust or go unused if the recipient doesn’t need or want it.

We’ve profiled ideas like edible gifts and sustainable holiday gifting to help with choosing better corporate gifts. We’re always sharing simple ways to create sustainable gifts that include ‘free’ things like a handwritten note and zero waste ideas like a travel mug.

But recently, we’ve been digging into digital rewards which enable recipients to download a digital gift.

What are Digital Gifts?

Made up of a wide assortment of digital products, our digital rewards include popular items like movie tickets, digital movie rentals, magazine subscriptions, eBooks and tree planting. With our easy-to-implement online platform, brands and organizations can offer these ‘digital’ gifts for less than their perceived value. They’re also easy to distribute via email marketing campaigns, on-pack promotions or with easy to hand out gift cards.

Digital rewards make it possible to give the right reward to the right customer at the right time. Plus, they’re powerful enough to drive promotions of any size, from simple employee recognition programs to mass fulfillment consumer campaigns.

Person Reading a Book in their Kindle

What Kind of Digital Gifts are Available?

There is a broad range of options based on whether the recipient is based in Canada or the US. Check in with us for relevant product assortments for your market.

Movie Rentals and Movie Tickets

Complimentary tickets to a movie of the recipient’s choice will appeal to audiences of all ages and is redeemable at thousands of screens nationwide. You can also choose to go digital with a movie download and a night of entertainment, with thousands of popular movies on-demand and an easy-to-use app for most devices.

Gift Of Giving

Help changemakers of all ages give back to causes that matter to them with donation cards that allow recipients to choose from various social impacts to support.

Music Downloads

A great reward for all ages, music fans can choose from millions of tracks, including the most popular hits as well as the classics.

Music Downloads

eBook Downloads

Give bookworms the ability to choose from thousands of eBooks or select a specific title or genre to tie into your promotion’s theme.

Magazine Subscriptions

This popular reward provides recipients with a subscription to their choice of over 100 leading magazines including many of the top titles, genres and publishers.


This feel-good reward shows a brand’s commitment to sustainability while allowing recipients to plant a tree at one of the many reforestation projects around the globe.

Give the Gift of Planting a Tree!

How Do you ‘Deliver’ Digital Gifts?

Direct Mail

Already running a campaign? Sending thank you cards to top accounts or donors? Print a code on a flyer you were already planning on sending out and you’re done — it’s that simple. These modern promotional gifts are a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness, and they’re as easy as mailing a letter.

On Pack Digital Gifts

Delivering codes directly on an item or within product packaging is a cost-effective approach that is easy to implement. Our popular products are flexible enough to fit into promotions of any size, and they greatly reduce the stress of shipping logistics. Offering reward codes keeps delivery costs of rewards to a minimum, especially when done on existing packaging. Reward codes are an easy and flexible solution for driving sales and increasing brand awareness.

Redemption Code Printed on CocaCola Packaging

Gift Cards

Gift cards are easy to ship and distribute – ABS plastic, recycled paper or seeded gift cards are a simple, low cost way to hand out your gift at events and during campaigns.

Online, Social or SMS Text Campaigns

Running digital campaigns and looking for creative digital rewards? Digital gifts make a great incentive for finishing a survey or completing a game or action. Adding a digital code to your landing pages, Facebook campaigns and other social or SMS campaigns are a great way to reward digital actions with digital gifts.

How Do Digital Gifts Work?

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3. Digital Rewards are an easy way to deliver real-world products in a digital form. Code-based rewards solve many of the logistical issues faced in traditional gifting. To redeem their reward, recipients will follow the instructions located on their reward card, product or online prompt.

Step 1: Recipients find the Reward Code located on the back of a card, package or online

Step 2: They visit the website provided, enter their reward code, and choose their gift

Step 3: They enjoy their gift courtesy of your brand, company, or organization

Added Marketing Insights and Benefits of Digital Gifts

Expand your brand with custom branded landing pages and websites with add on marketing benefits. A redemption landing page is the site your recipients will visit before accessing the digital gift redemption page. These pages can be used to display your brand or campaign messaging or to ask users to supply some additional survey information. By branding the redemption process, you can easily implement cross-channel touch points and layered campaigns and collect valuable marketing insights.

Custom Movie Ticket Redemption Page

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