Changemaker Series with Patrice Mousseau


Welcome to episode 14 of the Fairware Changemaker Series, where we highlight entrepreneurs and thought leaders that continuously inspire us through their passion for using business to better the world.

On this episode we feature Patrice Mousseau, Founder and CEO of Satya Organics. Watch below to learn more about why and how Patrice started Satya, what encourages her to continue on this entrepreneurial journey, and what she believes a changemaker is.

Why did you start Satya Organic, and how did you do it?

My daughter was about 8 months old when she first developed eczema. I took her to the doctor, and the doctor said it was in fact eczema, and the only option for her was a steroid cream… for an 8 month old baby. I’m not a fan of using steroid creams, certainly not as a first option.

I thought, I’m a good researcher, I’m going to start looking at the medical research, academic studies from different universities, and traditional medicine to see if I can start making my own remedy from natural ingredients. I took all that I had learned about and put it in a crock-pot in my kitchen. And guess what? I made something for my daughter that cleared her eczema up in 2 days.

Satya Organic
Satya Organic

What encouraged you to keep going after creating the first batch?

After my daughter’s skin cleared up, I had all this cream leftover because I had made a whole crock-pot full and didn’t need it anymore. So I went on Facebook and asked if anybody else needed something like this, and I ended up having to make three more crock-pots.

I honestly didn’t think I’d ever make a business out of it. It wasn’t until I ended up meeting some other amazing female entrepreneurs who were creating businesses with intention, integrity and maintaining their values. That’s what ultimately inspired me to keep going and use my business as a force for good in the world.

What do you think makes a changemaker?

A changemaker is somebody who tries to figure it out, and who’s willing to share themselves with the world and try to make it a better place.

Changemaker Series with Patrice

We’d like to extend a big thanks to Patrice for showing us around her home office, and for setting such great example in the business community. We’re rooting for you, Patrice and Satya Organic, and know that there’s so much more in store for you and your team!

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