Branded Merch

Amplify your marketing campaigns by creating a well-curated branded merchandise collection that will set you apart from your competitors, keeping you differentiated in a sea of sameness. Custom merchandise that is crafted to support your company’s mission or your campaign goals will help make you and your strategy memorable.

Merchandise collections are made up of a handful of products that work together cohesively and are also impactful on their own. The best collections are made from a variety of products that are useful and tastefully branded, with a key theme and colour palette tying each piece together. Each product should be strategically distributed throughout the life of your campaign or client journey to ensure your brand stays top of mind.

We recommend creating your merchandise collection using a tiered approach. By including products at various price points, you can leverage your promotional merchandise to share your message with different segments of your client base. For example, while you want to show all your clients that you care, some clients deserve more than others. If you incorporate a range of low-cost and valuable products in your merchandise collection, you can touch every segment and provide your audience with something tangible they can connect with and relate to.

Custom branded merchandise collections allow you to mix and match products to ensure the right section for the right recipient. Take a peek at ours below!

The Art of Merchandise Collections

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