Thinkific’s Custom
Employee Merch Kits


Thinkific, a technology company, empowers individuals and businesses to create and market online courses. Their platform emphasizes user control and a positive learning experience, aiming to help people turn expertise into profitable ventures. To celebrate their team’s success, they collaborated with Fairware to create custom employee merch kits, focusing on comfort and well-being at home. The kits included kitchen items, self-care tools, games, and treats, reflecting Thinkific’s commitment to sustainability and impact. They opted for subtle branding, understanding that promotional merchandise is a powerful tool for employee engagement, recognition, motivation, and brand advocacy. This thoughtful approach ensures a deeper connection to the company’s values and mission.

Three Images of a Thiknific branded Hershel bag, a custom post card, mindfulness cards, and a craft cocktail kit.
A piece of custom tissue is being lifted off of Employee Gifts inside a box with branded Thinkific beanie and the game Hygge and several other items blurred in the background
Thinkific branded tote bags and other gifts placed on a table in front of a green snake plant. Including a beanie, tea packages, soaps, games and a wooden cutting board.

Celebrating Success

Thinkific’s services turn passions into profits by offering a user-friendly platform where users can develop courses that provide amazing educational opportunities for others. They’re a technology company that offers a platform that enables individuals and businesses to create, market, sell, and deliver online courses and communities.

Thinkific is a brand driven by principles that emphasize the importance of entrepreneurs having complete control over their data and content. It focuses on creating a platform that is easy to set up and customize, ensuring that every tool and feature is designed with the audience’s learning experience in mind.

Thinkific’s mission is to equip people with the tools they need to turn their expertise into a sustainable business. A team of brilliant, caring, and hardworking employees supports Thinkific’s cause, so there’s a lot of love to be shared.

Custom Employee Merch Kits

To celebrate an amazing staff team, Thinkific worked with Fairware to curate a one-of-a-kind holiday gift for their employees. With everyone back to entertaining, the focus was on comfort and well-being at home. 

These stunning kits included aprons and cutting boards for entertaining in the kitchen, a custom logoed Theragun Wave solo for self-care, a handful of games such as the Hygge Conversation cards and a few other goodies and treats. 

Thinkific’s approach to online education is rooted in sustainability and impact. They aim to create lasting and effective courses that benefit creators and their students. Building a custom holiday kit that reflects their commitment to sustainability and supports diverse-owned and sustainable businesses was a perfect reflection of their values.

Aside from choosing quality merchandise, the Thinkific crew kept the branding subtle and low-key. Rather than treating an employee gift as an opportunity to go bold on the branding, they used techniques like tone-on-tone prints and value statements, not just logos, to pull the collection together. 


Like many of our clients, Thinkific knows that promotional merchandise is more than just giveaways; it is a powerful tool that fuels employee engagement. Promotional materials can amplify your organization’s culture and drive success by building a sense of belonging, recognizing achievements, motivating employees, and fostering brand advocacy. Doing it well, with sustainable merchandise, quality products, and subtle branding, will ensure your employees cherish their merchandise and feel a deeper connection to your company’s values and mission.

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