Old Banners to New Merch

Terrapin Beer Co., known for its high-quality craft beers and sustainability, teamed up with Fairware to turn their branded banners into unique tote bags. Upcycling merchandise reduces waste and promotes environmental stewardship. Each tote bag reflects a section of the original banner artwork, showcasing a shared commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. They also offer subtle branding as a woven hem tag and tags that tell the bag’s story, making them perfect for retail.

images of upcycled banner to toteback with a custom hem tag and retail tags that read "this bag is one-of-a-kind and made from repurposed materials.

Great Beer, Great Community & Great Merch

Terrapin Beer Co. is dedicated to crafting unique experiences through passionately brewing high-quality craft beers. However, their mission extends beyond beer. Through the Terraprint initiative, it emphasizes sustainability, aiming to balance production and environmental impact. 

Terrapin Beer Co. focuses on community and building strong employee and consumer connections. It promotes enjoying its beers in various recreational settings, underlining the importance of music to its brand ethos​​.

So, it made sense for them to approach Fairware to upcycle some of their materials into custom merch.

Upcycled Textiles

Fairware specializes in upcycling textiles and transforming old materials into new, useful products to minimize environmental impact. We creatively repurpose textile-based waste and vinyl materials like billboards, flags, banners, and apparel. 

Why is Upcycled Merchandise Better for the Planet?

Upcycled merchandise benefits the planet by reducing waste and lessening the demand for new raw materials, which in turn decreases pollution and energy usage associated with manufacturing. And more and more people are becoming more interested in sustainable products. In fact, the Harvard Business Review says that when Gen Z and Millennial customers believe a brand cares about its impact on people and the planet, they are 27% more likely to purchase it than older generations—a clear measure of sustainability’s power to drive buying decisions in this group.

Upcycled merchandise encourages consumers to consider the environmental impact of their purchases and promotes a more conscious approach to consumption. It aligns with the principles of a circular economy and sustainable development goals. It also gives discarded materials a second life, lessening the environmental impact by keeping these items out of landfills. 

Custom Upcycled Tote Bags

As part of Terrapin’s Terraprint initiative, they repurposed the branded banners that hang on the exterior of the Athens brewery into one-of-a-kind tote bags. Each bag is made from weather-proof mesh vinyl with woven handles and a zipper closure.

Because of the nature of using the repurposed banner material, each bag is totally unique with its own personality – each bag being a section of the original artwork. 


When Terrapin Beer Co.’s commitment to sustainability and community intersects with Fairware’s commitment to sustainability (and repurposing materials into upcycled promotional products), magic happens. This collaboration exemplifies a shared dedication to environmental stewardship and social responsibility. By partnering, we’ve created custom-branded merchandise that promotes the Terrapin brand and contributes to a more sustainable world. 

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