Diversity in the workplace with CHANGEMAKERS KIT from fairware


We’re excited to provide the CHANGEMAKERS gift boxes for Pride At Work Canada and to show our support for LGBTQ2+ workplace inclusion. These thoughtfully curated boxes, filled with carefully selected items and branded merch, were sent out to celebrate their recipients.

About Pride At Work Canada

Pride at Work Canada is a leading non-profit dedicated to LGBTQ2+ workplace inclusion. It offers resources and support for employers to create diverse and inclusive environments. Their education, advocacy, and networking foster safe and empowering diversity in the workplaces where all employees can thrive. With a commitment to intersectionality, Pride at Work Canada addresses the unique challenges these individuals face. Pride at Work Canada drives positive change, shaping a future of inclusivity and success for employees nationwide.

About the CHANGEMAKERS campaign

Pride at Work Canada’s CHANGEMAKERS is a multimedia digital campaign that aims to recognize 15 people championing 2SLGBTQIA+ inclusion in the corporate, public service, and non-profit sectors across Canada as part of the organization’s 15th Anniversary. CHANGEMAKERS celebrates the achievements of these incredible individuals (and consequently their organizations) who have made a significant impact in fostering and leading diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond.

merch kit that includes a pen book water bottle post card and custom box with the words changemakers


The custom-printed mailer celebrated both Pride at Work and the CHANGEMAKERS to honour the recipients and their impactful work. Fairware sponsored and facilitated the decoration of the Rupt Capcyl water bottle and custom box and managed kitting services. To finalize the kit, the client sourced a pouch of Dispatch Coffee and the book “The Queer Advantage.”

Capcyl Bottle by Rupt

The Capcyl is a carbon-neutral bottle crafted from 5% recycled stainless steel. This 1L single-wall bottle stands tall as a testament to strength and eco-responsibility. The Capcyl’s box transforms into an audio amplifier, so even its packaging contributes to its eco-conscious ethos, giving it a second life and minimizing waste.

Dispatch Coffee Pouch

Dispatch Coffee is a queer-owned coffee branch from Montreal, with a second location in Toronto. They believe in responsible business and are dedicated to equitable trade and production of coffee – supporting small-scale coffee farmers and reducing their environmental impact.

Book: The Queer Advantage – Conversations with LGBTQ+ Leaders on the Power of Identity

 The Queer Advantage By Andrew Gelwicks is about a compelling exploration of the unique strengths and perspectives that LGBTQ+ individuals bring to their professional and personal lives. Through insightful interviews with a diverse array of LGBTQ+ leaders from various industries, Gelwicks delves into how embracing one’s identity can be a source of power and resilience, driving innovation, creativity, and success. The book celebrates the richness of LGBTQ+ experiences and offers valuable insights into harnessing the queer advantage for personal and professional growth.


We hope the recipients of these kits enjoyed their products and felt the appreciation Pride At Work and Fairware have for them. Through initiatives like CHANGEMAKERS, we’re committed to fostering diversity in the workplace and creating inclusive environments where everyone can succeed. Together, we’re driving positive change nationwide.

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