Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap’s reputation as a company with a soul is rooted in its Cosmic Principles, emphasizing sustainability, fair trade, and community engagement. Partnering with Fairware, a Certified B Corp, Dr. Bronner showcased their commitment to aligning merchandise with values, such as creating a sustainable tie-dye T-shirt with Everywhere Apparel. This partnership not only emphasizes eco-friendly practices like circular textiles but also reflects shared values of ethical manufacturing, diversity, and inclusion. The collaboration signifies a move beyond just offering green products, aiming to inspire broader behavioural change and promote ethical manufacturing practices.

3 image collage of an everywhere apparel tee tie dyed with the Dr.Bronner's logo comprising of an earth stars and two hands clutching each other over an image of lines and circles.

More About Dr. Bronner’s Magical Soap and Circular Apparel

Great Beer, Great Community & Great Merch

A 2023 article in GQ asks whether Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap is the last company with a soul. While we know a ton of awesome companies with plenty of soul, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap stands out.

Dr. Bronner’s – the OG Sustainable Brand

Dr. Bronner’s values are deeply rooted in their Cosmic Principles, which emphasize hard work, growth, ethical treatment of customers and employees, fairness to suppliers, respect for the Earth, and community engagement. The company also focuses on organic and fair-trade ingredients, progressive business practices, equitable supply chains, and environmental stewardship. And their principles are reflected in everything they do, including their merch programs.

Bringing Corporate Values to Life Through Merchandise

Fairware has worked on Dr. Bronner’s merch programs for years. More recently, we created a custom tie-dye T-shirt with our manufacturing partner, Everywhere Apparel. The project highlighted circularity through 100% recycled textiles and made-in-USA gear, showcasing each brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Like Dr. Bronner’s, Fairware has been a Certified B Corp for over a decade. Fairware embodies a commitment to changing how business is conducted, and supply chains are managed. Our focus on ethical sourcing, sustainable products, promoting diversity, inclusion, and community impact is in synch with Dr. Bronner’s.

Key Points

Visual Identity: Dr. Bronner’s Artwork features their logo, set against a backdrop of lines and circles representing their cosmic principles. This imagery is imprinted over the tie-dye classic swirl design, creating a piece that exudes movement and vibrant hues, capturing the essence of the brand’s Cosmic Principles.

Strategic Product Selection: This t-shirt is far more than an imprinted t-shirt. It represents a conscious choice in sustainability, as it is made from reclaimed materials and natural dyes. This reflects Dr. Bronner’s commitment to aligning their promotional products with their values.

Comparing the impact on a fibre level, choosing the Everywhere Apparel Tee over an organic cotton-based tee resulted in significant savings: 224,674 gallons of water, prevented 97 lbs of atmospheric carbon emissions, and reduced landfill waste by 125 lbs. What’s remarkable is that the entire production process, from yarn and dyeing to finished and printed goods, occurred within a 10-mile radius in Los Angeles. This underscores the brand’s dedication to local and eco-friendly practices while making a tangible difference in resource conservation and environmental impact.

Video by Everywhere Apparel: Includes production process of recycling and making new usable fibres for their tshirts. Every shirt made is easily recycled with a QR-code scan of the tear-off neck tag or inner label.

Custom Apparel and Circular Textiles 

At Fairware, we have a roster of sustainable apparel partners that we tap into depending on the project needs, client, and artwork. Creating a tie-dye t-shirt that reflected the values of our client, we knew Everywhere Apparel was the right fit for the job. Everywhere Apparel focuses on converting 100% reclaimed cotton into circular apparel and sustainable textiles, emphasizing real sustainability through their use of biodegradable, reclaimed cotton textiles, which are safe, circular, and truly sustainable. 

They avoid using synthetic fibres like polyester, which contributes to microplastic pollution and are committed to offering products that are environmentally friendly and made in the USA. Their commitment to circularity is further demonstrated through their impressive recycling services – keeping textiles out of landfills.

Our partnership with Everywhere Apparel allows Fairware to offer our clients high-quality, sustainable merchandise that reflects their values and commitment to making a difference.

All three brands view sustainability as integral to their operations, ensuring their merchandise reflects and enhances their brand values. Collectively, we’ve moved beyond offering ‘green products,’ aiming to influence behavioural change and support more environmentally responsible and ethical manufacturing practices​​.


Fairware’s commitment to sustainable impact is clearly seen in our active engagement in ethical manufacturing practices and prioritization of diversity and inclusion. These core values resonate strongly with Dr. Bronner’s Cosmic Principles, forming a solid foundation for a partnership that not only reflects but also amplifies these shared beliefs.

Fairware’s sustainable impact efforts extend throughout our supply chain, ensuring that our products are not only environmentally friendly but also ethically produced. By promoting fair labour practices and supporting diverse communities, Fairware contributes positively to social and environmental justice.

This alignment with Dr. Bronner’s Cosmic Principles makes Fairware an ideal partner for projects aimed at creating meaningful change. Together, we can leverage our shared values to inspire others, foster sustainable innovation, and drive positive impact on a broader scale.

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