In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, influencer campaigns have emerged as potent tools for brands seeking to amplify their presence and forge genuine connections with their audience. Ben & Jerry’s, a pioneer in blending marketing with creativity, has taken this to the next level with their inventive approach to influencer marketing using custom-branded merchandise.

We’ve always admired their activism (and their ice cream). For years, we’ve worked with the Vermont-based team to ensure their responsible sourcing and sustainability goals are reflected in the promotional products they use. More recently, we’ve begun working north of the border with the Canadian crew to bring some awesome merchandise to their Canadian fans. They leveraged our experience in making merchandise kits to make a splash in the market.

5 images - custom spoons, enamel pins, ice cream koozie, dye-sublimated sock , and imprinted workout towels all with the Ben and Jerry's "work your core" branding.

More About the Ben & Jerry’s Influencer Kits

Ben & Jerry’s Merch Kit Campaign Overview

The Canadian launch of Ben & Jerry’s Core Pints was not just about introducing a new product but creating a buzz that resonates with the brand’s creative essence. The campaign, themed ‘Work Your Core,’ cleverly played on the double entendre of core-flavored ice cream and core body workouts. This theme set the stage for an engaging and memorable marketing drive.

Design and Contents of the Influencer Kits

The custom merchandise in the influencer kits was a masterstroke in branding. The kits included laser-etched spoons with playful messages, vibrant enamel pins, rainbow sweatbands, socks, and gym towels – each item meticulously crafted to echo the campaign’s playful spirit. The choice of items was strategic, not just for their novelty but for their ability to embed the brand into everyday life. Focussing on durable, fun products with Fairware’s trusted supplier base brought the concept to life.

Custom Branded Packaging for the Merch Kits

Using a fully custom mailer box allowed us to showcase each item and build a reveal and delight experience in the unboxing process. A topper tray gave a hint of what was below – showcasing the laser-etched spoons and enamel pinback buttons. Lifting the tray revealed the gym-themed merch and either a set of coupons for the new product or, for a lucky few, actual ice cream packed with dry ice. The campaign was a hit, with a stream of influencers posting content featuring the products and pints of core ice cream.

Strategy Behind Using Custom Merchandise

Custom-branded merchandise in influencer campaigns extends beyond product promotion; it’s about creating an experience. The custom kits were not just gifts but tools for storytelling, enabling influencers to connect with their followers in a more authentic, relatable manner. This approach not only bolstered brand visibility but also enhanced brand recall and affinity.

Impact and Results of the Branded Merch Kits 

The campaign’s success was quantifiable and impressive. By engaging 60 influencers, it generated over 100 stories, resulting in 234,000 organic impressions and an impressive average engagement rate of 4.04%. These numbers indicate the campaign’s reach and resonance with the audience.

Role of Merch Kits in Influencer Marketing

This case study exemplifies the effectiveness of custom merchandise in influencer marketing. The campaign’s success can be attributed to the thoughtful integration of product and theme, resulting in a cohesive and engaging narrative. The impact goes beyond immediate metrics, setting a precedent for long-term brand recognition and customer engagement.


Ben & Jerry’s campaign underscores the significant impact of innovative and thoughtfully designed merchandise in influencer marketing. It serves as a benchmark for brands aiming to harness the full potential of influencer collaborations, proving that with creativity and strategic planning, the possibilities are as limitless as they are sweet. Connect with Fairware to build your next branded merch kit.