The real estate team at Google prepared vibrant merchandise to welcome employees to the Bayview campus, reflecting the campus’s human-centred and sustainable design principles. Google’s commitment to sustainability extends to renewable energy, water conservation, waste reduction, and carbon neutrality, as outlined on their sustainability website. The carefully selected products, including a quilted blanket and full-colour backpack, not only align with Google’s theme but also promote connectivity with nature and adaptability to the campus’s dynamic workspaces. The emphasis on ethical sourcing and thoughtful design ensures that employees can embody Google’s values in their day-to-day activities while enjoying high-quality, sustainable products that enhance their work experience at Bayview.

5 images of a packable quilted blanket and a custom backback in the colours of yellow, blue, green and black.
custom backpack sitting on a stump with a forest background.

More About Google Bayview & Their Merch

In anticipation of the first campus built by Google, the real estate team wanted to create some bright-coloured merchandise for the employees who would be working at Bayview. With employees moving into the space for the first time, it was important that the welcome gift alludes to what working on the Bayview campus would look like. 

Before moving on to product selection, our team first learned about the values that the campus embodied. The new all-electric campus uses human-centred and sustainable design principles that ensure connectivity with nature and promote community and collaboration for the people who interact with the space. The space is designed so employees can easily split their time between quiet and collaborative workspaces based on their needs. 

Google is becoming more sustainable by focusing on renewable energy, water conservation, waste reduction, and carbon neutrality across its operations, as detailed on their sustainability website. They are also committed to transparency and accountability, regularly sharing progress and goals to drive continuous improvement in their environmental efforts.

Bay View campus and its reflection in adjacent pond

Selecting the Right Products

Selecting the right products involves putting yourself in the end users’ shoes. Since the building is designed so that employees are on the move, a backpack that helps them transition between spaces felt essential. In addition, the nearby greenspace was a perfect place for employees to get a breath of fresh air and connect with nature. The blanket allows them to work outside when they want! Manufactured in North America, these fully bespoke items were truly one of a kind for the team. 

Quilted Blanket: This warm blanket weighs next to nothing—perfect for hanging at the park for a picnic or wrapping yourself up around a campfire. We went with the diamond pattern for a classic quilt look and selected bright yellow edging, bright blue on one side, and black on the reverse.

Full-Colour Backpack: Built to match the Google theme of the quilted blanket, the backpack features green and blue shoulder straps, red hardware, and a bright yellow zipper and flap. 

Design and Branding

The Bayview Campus canopies’ architectural beauty and connectivity were simplified into a graphic, which we applied to their selected products. The iconic canopy design was placed proudly on the front of the backpack, giving the art the space it deserved to shine. 

We also had some fun with the double “o” in Google that was developed for the campus, using it as a highlighted graphic on the puffy quilted blanket and a step-and-repeat pattern over a fully decorated backpack. 


The real estate team’s keenness on sourcing ethical merch is what living your values on a day-to-day basis looks like. Google has an omnipresence in our lives that not many other companies have -their iconic colours are unmissable. The artwork, coupled with the brand’s distinctive colours, results in merch that is unfailingly “Google” and yet understated. In addition to being sustainably sourced and high quality, our merch strategy sourced products based on the lifestyle and climate in Bayview so that employees can use them anytime, anywhere.