Branded Merchandise for the Google Bayview Team

In the anticipation of Googles first campus opening in 2022, the real estate team wanted to create some bright-coloured merchandise for the Bayview team. The architectural beauty of the Bayview Campus canopies and the idea of connectivity were simplified into a graphic which we applied to the selected products. We also had some fun with the double “o” in Google that was developed for the campus, using it as a highlighted graphic on the puffy quilted blanket and a pattern over a fully decorated backpack. Manufactured in North America, these fully custom items were truly one of a kind for the team.


Bayview Puffy Blanket and Custom Backpack at the Park


Quilted Blanket

A warm blanket that weighs next to nothing – perfect for hanging at the park for a picnic or wrapping yourself up around a campfire. We went with the diamond pattern for a classic quilt look and selected a bright yellow edging, bright blue on one side, and black on the reverse.

Full Colour Backpack

Built to match the Google theme of the quilted blanket, the backpack features green and blue shoulder straps, red hardware, and a bright yellow zipper and flap. The body of this bag is black with a step and repeat of the mentioned double “o” of the campus logo.

Custom Backpack at the Park