Sustainable Apparel: Back Market’s Custom Crew Neck


Back Market’s dedication to sustainability in the refurbished tech market is evident through their reduced e-waste and environmental impact. Collaborating with Fairware for sustainable custom apparel reflects their eco-friendly values. This partnership showcases how businesses can merge sustainability with style, setting a standard for conscious consumerism and environmental stewardship in the tech industry.

Black crew neck sweatshirt with a chenille patch that reads "Fuck New" and an arm imprint that reads the brands logo "Back Market"

More About Back Market’s Sustainable Apparel

Bringing a Brand to Life 

Back Market, a leader in the refurbished tech market, stands out for its commitment to sustainability and innovation. They’ve revolutionized tech accessibility by offering professionally restored devices, significantly reducing e-waste and environmental impact.

According to their research, a refurbished smartphone uses 91.3% less raw materials, 86.4% less water, generates 89% less e-waste, and puts 91.6% less carbon emissions into our atmosphere compared to brand new. It’s such a great model for keeping e-waste out of the landfill.

As a fellow B Corporation, they approached Fairware to develop an employee apparel gift that was bold and unique. The design of the custom crew neck sweatshirts mirrors Back Market’s focus on sustainability. The aesthetic and messaging of these garments reflect the company’s ethos and dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Back Market has pioneered the refurbished technology sector with a mission to offer high-quality, reliable tech that’s better than new. Their approach significantly lessens the environmental toll of tech consumption.

Sustainable Custom Apparel

We sourced Threadfast sweatshirts because their commitment to sustainability aligns well with that of Back Market. Threadfast focuses on using more sustainable materials. They’ve successfully transitioned to sourcing recycled polyester across all their collections. They’re also a proud member of Better Cotton, which means that they’re committed to sourcing cotton in a way that’s more sustainable for farmers and the environment. The choice of eco-friendly materials for the sweatshirts reflected the synergy between aesthetic appeal and environmental stewardship.

Old School Meets New – Chenille Patches 

While a little, ahem, bold, the F*#K NEW chenille patch was the perfect rallying cry for a brand deeply committed to reuse and circularity. The distinctive 12″ x 2.5″ chenille felt border patch, reminiscent of classic team jackets, added a unique flair to the sweatshirts.

Chenille patches are an old-school classic, and they’re coming back in style. Their amazing texture makes chenille patches fluffy, funky, and fun, making them perfect for eye-catching designs. With fashion trends going back to 80s and 90s styles, when Chenille was in its heyday, these patches are cool again. 

Blending Sustainability and Style with Fairware

The Back Market project is a great example of how you can have fun and blend style with sustainability. Fairware can help you choose the right materials, the right decoration and the right supplier partners. Our expertise enables businesses to make informed decisions that resonate with their brand values, allowing them to create merchandise that not only looks cool but also contributes positively to their overall sustainability efforts – so you can make your merchandise matter.

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