Case Study: Parks Canada Gwaii Haanas Branded Merchandise

Parks Canada Merchandise


Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage Site


Custom embroidered baseball caps, re-usable tote bags and recycled custom notebooks


The breathtaking landscapes of Canada are truly unlike anywhere else in the world, and Parks Canada has had the honor and challenge of preserving these wild places for over 100 years. Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, the Marine Conservation Area Reserve, Haida Heritage Site is one of the incredible ecosystems Parks Canada protects for the Canadian environment, today’s visitors, and tomorrow’s generations.

Located in the southernmost area of Haida Gwaii, about 130 kilometres off the British Columbia mainland, the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s woods and waters are home to grizzly bears, serve as a primary feeding habitat for humpback whales, and shelter a host of other native species. Archaeologists have found evidence supporting human habitation on the Gwaii Haanas islands as early as almost 13 centuries ago. The Haida people are united by a close relationship to nature, and the landscape still provides abundance for them.

Haida believe in the inextricable connectivity of everything on Earth, while according to the Parks Canada website, “Yahguudang is the Haida word that encompasses the idea of ‘Respect for all living things.’” Park administration works with the Haida to uphold this tenet, as the Reserve is only accessible by boat or plane so as to avoid habitat segmentation and degradation by roads. The islands’ Haida culture and extraordinary biological diversity attracts intrepid visitors every year.

As a provider of one-of-a-kind, ethically sourced merchandise for companies, nonprofits, organizations, and governmental institutions, Fairware developed branded merchandise including custom embroidered caps, re-usable totes, and custom recycled notebooks for the Gwaii Haanas gift shop. During the design process, Fairware worked closely with Parks Canada to develop products that would truly represent the timeless beauty, majesty, and indigenous history of the unique wilderness.

Through close collaboration with Gwaii Haanas employees intimately familiar with the wildlife, seasonal nuances, and unique human history of the park, Fairware was able to provide creative design and quick turnaround for brand new lines of products to showcase this unparalleled landscape for visitors new and returning.