Case Study: Fairware Employee Welcome Gifts


New Employee Welcome Gifts

The first day of work is nerve wracking for the employee and the employer. Regardless of the size of your company, the experience of ‘onboarding’ a new staff person can leave a lasting impression. New employee welcome kits are becoming more and more important in the initial stages of developing engaged employees.

A basic welcome kit combines useful information like key contacts and office procedures with practical items like apparel, writing utensils, water bottles and a notebook. You can even add a letter from the CEO or an organization chart for the team.

The best employee onboarding program integrates new employees and sets them up for success, and branded promotional products will make them feel like they’re instantly part of the team.

An onboarding kit introduces new hires to your values in a tangible way, helping them understand what your company stands for. Some of our favorite kits include re-fillable water bottles and other ‘zero waste’ items to send the signal on day one that you’re a different kind of company.

At Fairware, our own employee onboarding kits include a journal and pen because, even though we’re a cloud based office, we’re still old school that way.  We also like to keep our employees hydrated and caffeinated so we make sure they get a water bottle and tumbler too.

Beyond what’s inside of the kit, we consider how it’s presented. We lay out our welcome kits in a nice arrangement on the new hire’s desk so that they understand that we’re a company that’s design oriented.

We’re also a company that’s focused on ethical sourcing and supply chain, so it’s important for our new hires to know where the product has come from and what the sustainability story is behind it.

The end result, a new hire that feels welcome and get a sense of your attention to detail from the beginning.

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