Case Study: B Corp Recycled PET & Organic Cotton Hats, Buttons, and Pocket Notebooks

B Corp Pocket Notebooks


B Corporation


Recycled PET & Organic Cotton Trucker Hats; Buttons; Pocket Notebooks


By positioning social and environmental issues at the center of all business decisions, B Corporations are pioneering a new paradigm of conscious commerce. The B Corp certification is awarded to for-profit companies by the nonprofit B Lab. Certified businesses must meet rigorous standards of demonstrable social and environmental responsibility, legal accountability, and public transparency. Purpose-driven B Corporations, create benefits for all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

Because people and place matter, the B Corp framework that, “uses business as a force for good,” allows companies to leverage the power of the market for more than maximizing profit and competing with peers. Through building innovative business structures, B Corps hope to align commercial interests with public interests while consistently tracking metrics designed to measure their social and environmental impacts as comprehensively as their financial records.

As a founding B-Corp, Fairware is proud to advance the B Corp movement and partner with its members to create sustainable business branded merchandise. Fellow B Corporations Fairware has worked with include Method Products, Patagonia, and Etsy, for which Fairware designed merchandise projects, from recycled bike socks to upcycled USB drives.

For the B Lab team, Fairware designed a unique range of branded items, including hoodies and pinback buttons. The most recent addition is a line of recycled PET and organic cotton trucker hats, as well as pocket notebooks also made from recycled materials, for B Lab’s 2015 “Building Bridges” themed Champions Retreat sponsorship.

Fairware chose Econscious as supplier for these unique items. A leader in sustainable, organic apparel, Econscious values the business-to-business philosophy of low-impact E-commerce and highly responsive customer service. Putting the “eco” in both eco-conscious and ‘eco-nomical’ supplying, Econscious “has established a market-based approach to sustainable manufacturing, working closely with our supply chain, treating workers fairly, and eliminating the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and other harmful chemicals.”