ANNOUNCEMENT: New Patagonia custom jackets and gear for med schools and hospitals


We love supporting our healthcare professionals, first responders, and students who care for our communities. To better serve this essential, hard-working industry, we’re excited to announce the Fairware Patagonia Health Gear Shops, customized to your school or healthcare facility, to make ordering your custom-branded uniforms easier! 

Patagonia Better Sweater Jackets and Vests are classic ‘uniform’ pieces for medical students, residents, and healthcare professionals. Co-branded Patagonia apparel is the go-to uniform in the healthcare industry. 

These uniforms were designed for healthcare environments, emphasizing quality and comfort. The Patagonia values and sustainability ethics make Patagonia the right fit in hospitals and med schools across North America. 

Keep reading to learn why Fairware chose to be a leading supplier of co-branded Patagonia merchandise for the healthcare industry. 

Your healthcare team needs custom-branded apparel

Custom-branded workwear isn’t just for fast food workers or those who work in a corporate setting. Healthcare teams and students can wear custom apparel to show a recognizable and consistent brand identity. 

When done well, your custom-branded medical jackets or vests send a visual cue for who’s on the team so patients and families can quickly identify you. Custom-branded apparel raises professionalism even in casual healthcare settings, like an alternative health practitioner’s office. It helps build confidence with patients and clients.

If you choose custom healthcare apparel for your team, be sure you choose high-quality ones that are comfortable (so your team wants to wear them) and long-lasting (so you get the best value for your investment). Patagonia apparel is a smart choice.

custom zipper pull on Patagonia jacket

Why Patagonia custom apparel?

We’ve worked with Patagonia for years and can attest to their quality and sustainability ethics. They’re a world leader in ethical sourcing and sustainability, to align with your school, hospital, or healthcare facility values. Purchasing sustainable workwear for your healthcare team shows your staff, patients and community that you care about the health of your patients and the environment. 

They’ve also been tested in rigorous environments to withstand the rugged use and wear and tear they’ll get in a healthcare setting.   

With Patagonia, you get great-looking apparel and uniforms that are high-quality enough for daily use or to be sold as merch to families and in fundraisers to boost brand awareness. It’s a keepsake they’re sure to cherish for years.  

Making custom-branded medical apparel easy to order

Pulling together a custom workwear order for your class or department can be time-consuming and tedious. This is especially so when you need to coordinate personalization (like names or departments) for every individual team member. 

To help, our online pop-up shops, unique to your school or healthcare facility, make getting Patagonia apparel easy and stress-free.

How do we make outfitting your health care team or med school class with co-branded Patagonia merch easier?


How Fairware supports your uniform orders

Fairware works with North America’s leading medical programs to make ordering custom jackets from Patagonia easy. We’ve worked with leading schools, including: 

We have collegiate licenses in the US and Canada and experience working with Trademark & Licensing offices.

Like Patagonia, Fairware cares about equality and sustainability. As a founding B Corp and a woman- and LGBTQ-owned business, we do the homework on supply chains, materials and products. This ensures that our products align with your DEI and sustainability values. This research helped us to partner with only the best, sustainably minded custom merch brands like Patagonia, MiiR, Cotopaxi, Swell, Hydroflask and The North Face.

Ready to uniform your healthcare team or class?

Fairware has invested in the tools and the team to make ordering all custom merchandise easier. We’re the one-stop shop for hospital, health care, and med school custom apparel and merchandise. 

Browse our online merch ordering “how-to” guide and browse our online pop-up shops. They’re designed to make the ordering experience seamless for the organizer and your individual buyers. Our health gear team understands the demands of your industry and knows how to best design and brand work apparel for your essential, high-stakes industry. 

Ready to get started?