Merch That’s On Trend For 2023


4 Custom Merchandise Trends for 2023

Earlier this year, the Fairware crew spent a few days at the PPAI Expo, our industry’s largest tradeshow. It’s where we get to spend time with our top suppliers and check out the new trends for the year. Check out some of our highlights and the 4 trends we’re seeing for the year ahead.

1. Custom Made Easy

Getting totally custom merchandise used to be saved only for those with huge quantities and long lead times. Our ability to do lower quantity fully custom products is increasing by the day, and we’re thrilled to partner with custom merchandise that can make you something unique to your brand and style.

From custom swim trunks to sun hats, from puffy jackets to Pantone-matched notebooks – looking good was never so easy.

custom jackets

2. Sustainable Lifestyle

As a founding B Corp, we’ve been focused on ethical supply chains and sustainable products from day one. And it was really hard back in the day. Fast forward to 2023, and there has been a huge shift in the promotional products industry toward sustainability. Whether it’s zero-waste and reusable themed products to alternative textiles like cactus leather, we’re seeing more and more merchandise that meets our expectations of ‘good’!

sustainable merch

3. Experience First

Whether suiting up your team for yoga, getting top customers out on custom branded paddle boards or gifting your crew pickleball sets – we have more to offer than ever before to keep your people active and to create experiences and connections through merchandise. Don’t worry, we’ve got a few cool board games for those who’d rather chill (and ice cream koozies).

ice cream koozies

4. Back to Entertaining

We’re so happy to be back ‘in real life’ at events and hanging out with friends. We’re seeing some great merchandise trends to support the shift to entertainment. Branded kitchen items have the most recall of any promotional item – celebrate in style with, picnic sets, charcuterie-themed kits or mixology-inspired gifts.


Bonus Trend! We can’t talk about trends in our industry without a shout-out to the Pantone colour of the year. Viva Majenta is a vibrant and rich colour that is anchored in the red family with a crimson pop. Get bold, and let us help you add a splash of colour to your campaigns.

pantone of the year 2023

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