6 Corporate Gift Ideas To Help Your Employees Feel The Love At Home

Many companies are settling into working remotely as we aim to flatten the COVID-19 curve. While it may be business as usual for you to be working from home, many are still getting used to it. To help you keep your company culture alive and your employees feeling the love from afar, we’ve created a new Working From Home Lookbook with some great corporate gift ideas. We’ve featured everything from workspace must haves to help keep folks on task, to kitchen utensils, things for the garden, and self-care products to keep people sane during this strange time.  

In addition to our lookbook, we have come up with 5 great gift ideas that will show you care: 

At Fairware, many of us have been spending more time in the kitchen, trying new recipes and sharing the ones we love with our families, friends and our Fairware team. You may have noticed flour is one of the products (along with toilet paper and hand sanitizer!) that’s hard to find in the grocery store right now, so pairing a bag of flour with a custom branded apron and rolling pin would be an especially awesome gift to inspire your team to have some fun in the kitchen. You could even throw in a custom branded cookbook or buy one from your favourite restaurant to help support local businesses during these trying times. 

baking set

We’ve seen many people using this time to reflect
 on what’s important to them. Help your team navigate this time and set new personal goals with a custom goal setting journal.You can include a variety of sections that include things like: goals to complete while social distancinglonger term goals for when things go “back to normal”, what’s most important to youright now both personally and professionally, what your favourite daily routine has been during this time, and what you do and don’t miss most about your old life when you were able to get out of the house more often. Have a little fun with this and include some inspiring quotes, funny stories, pages to doodle on, and pictures to colour in!  

goal setting journal

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t getting
dressed like we used to when we’d leave the house for the day and go to the office. Why not embrace this and provide your team with custom branded track suits?! 

sweat suits

The new mood ring. Give your team a tool to easily let people know how they’re feeling with a custom mood hat!
Have your logo and a witty quote embroidered on the hat, using a different colour for each mood. When Stan shows up to your next virtual morning meeting wearing a green hat, you’ll know he’s ready to roll and is feeling productive. If Lucy is wearing a purple hat, you’ll know she’s wishing she were still in bed and might need some help today. You get the idea…

mood hats

Remind your team why they choose to work for you every day with a custom wooden award that states your company values, paired with a sand timer to remind them to take breaks throughout the day. Throw in some helpful pieces for staying productive like a mouse, mousepad, noise cancelling headphones, and stack of post-its. 
desk sets


We know not everyone is a home baker. That’s ok, we’ve got you covered. Our direct to home mailing tubes of homemade cookies will help anyone dealing with the work from home blues. Like many of our work from home kits, these are easy to mail directly to your staff (or clients) as a little pick me up during these tough times.

Work from Home Kits

Check out our lookbook to get more ideas and piece together your very own custom gift set.