Upcycle Your Branded T-Shirts into Face Masks 

We can now upcycle your promotional t-shirts into general purpose face masks! Maybe you have t-shirts with old branding laying around, or your events for this year have been cancelled and you’re now wondering what to do with all those event tees you ordered in advance. Rather than send them to the landfill or have them recycled, we can now turn them into reusable face masks to suit your company’s immediate needs. 

These are general purpose face masks and they can either be sewn in the style of a surgical mask with elastic ear loops and pleats so they can fit a wide range of faces with good coverage, or in the 3D curved style with elastic ties that can either go behind the ears or around the back of the headBoth options have double layer construction and come with your choice of black or white webbing. 

Surgical Style Mask

3D Style Mask

Add a custom woven label

You can simply leave your new masks blank with bits and pieces of the old print showing through, or we can create custom branded woven labels to be sewn on either style of mask. You can also use a custom hang tag to share your story and let people know that these masks were resourcefully made in the USA from your unused promotional t-shirts, or other salvaged suitable materials. 

Made in the USA

These masks are sewn in the USA with livable wages and they have approximately an 8 week turnaround for production. If you don’t have your own materials to work with, don’t worry! We have lots of masks options along with other PPE available to ensure you have what you need to welcome your team back to the office. 

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