How To Create Awesome Trade Show Apparel

Your team reflects your brand, so it’s key to make sure they look the part. When sourcing your trade show apparel, not only do you want to look for pieces that are on brand, but you also want to find products your team will be proud to wear. 

There are several things to think about when purchasing apparel. Would you like gendered or unisex pieces? What materials would you like? What colour ways can we work with? Do you have sizing for your team? If not, you can check out our handy size curve calculator to get started.

When you’re budgeting for your team apparel, consider how you’d like it decorated. For example, one colour prints are more affordable that multi-coloured prints. To save money, perhaps you want to purchase coloured t-shirts with bold statements on them, rather than printing your full colour logo on every piece of apparel. The most important thing is that your team looks cohesive.

Team Outerwear

Get creative and curate a look that your employees are proud to wear and that shows your values. Your brand is important and your values are too. The values you choose to share connect your buyers to your mission, vision, and products.

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