The social enterprise heroes are here!

At Fairware, we deal with a diverse supply chain from across North America. We are committed to purchasing locally when we can, and one of the ways we do that is to purchase from social enterprises. We know that immersing ourselves in this community will help us better understand both the challenges and opportunities involved in working together.

That’s why it was so great for us to be able to participate in the Social Enterprise Heroes event on March 27th, and witness the first-ever social enterprise day declared in Canada. The day featured practical, hands-on information for both new and existing social enterprises, as well as comprehensive research on the impact of such organizations on our communities.

In its own words, “Heroes celebrates the amazing individuals and organizations whose work, contributions, and actions enhance and sustain our healthy communities and local economies. Heroes is both highly entertaining and fun as well as informative. Together, we will celebrate the profound impact of social enterprise in our province.”

There was also an awards celebration in the evening, at which a number of incredible organizations were finalists. Congratulations to them — and to the Top Hero of the event, Susan Braverman!

Fairware’s own Sarah White was particularly glad to be part of this day devoted to social enterprise, as she has recently begun to meet with a group of social enterprises focused on empowering and training women who face barriers to employment. The group is looking for ways to collaborate and build capacity. Stay tuned for stories and insights!