Social Enterprise Profile: Give the Gift of Light

MPowerd is a company on a mission to provide the world with light. In 2012, they created a product that made light accessible, portable, and clean – the Luci light.   

Their goal was not only to create a light that could work in any situation, but to provide a solution for the millions of people around the world who are still living without electricity. Since the release of their initial Luci light, the brand has expanded to provide many different types of lighting solutions.  

We love working with fellow B Corporations and introducing suppliers with a strong social mission to the promotional products world is an ongoing goal of Fairware’s.  

Mpowered Lights

The Luci Light

The original Luci light is bright and versatile, perfect for many different situations. It’s great for camping or travel, but it works equally well for home use.  

Those who don’t have electricity can place several Luci lights around the home for a reliable light source, but even if you do have electricity, a Luci light is very convenient to have on hand in case of an emergency.  

The light has a clear exterior and weighs just a few ounces. It lasts up to 24 hours on a full charge and is water and dust resistant 

The Luci light is inflatable, so it can be condensed to a travel-friendly size when needed. It’s also solar powered, which means that it’s completely eco-friendly. Many people in developing countries still rely on kerosene lamps, which are harmful to the environment. Luci is also much more affordable than other portable lighting solutions, which makes it accessible to people who might not otherwise have access to light. These three key factors are the cornerstones of MPowerd’s mission to bring light to everyone.   

Since the release of the original Luci light, MPowerd has expanded to develop other light products. Many of their new lights can charge by being plugged into a phone in addition to being solar powered. MPowerd also has released a range of decorative lights. Their design series lights have patterns on the exterior that are inspired by nature, and they are excellent for parties and social occasions. They have even released Luci string lights. With the success of the Luci light products so far, we can expect to see even more stunning pieces released soon.  

Mpowered For Camping

Luci For Camping

The Luci light has become particularly popular among campers because is it designed to be used while you’re on the go. Since it uses solar power to charge, you don’t need any access to electricity at all to use it. You also don’t need to purchase any batteries for it, which is another reason why it is so popular among campers. Even just one light is powerful enough to illuminate your campsite, but their affordable price means you can buy several and light up the night while being off grid. 

Another reason Luci is so popular is because of how portable they are. Since they are collapsible, you can easily fit them in a backpack. They weigh less than five ounces as well, so they won’t contribute much to the weight of your pack.   

Mpowered's Impact

MPowerd’s Impact

MPowerd can afford to offer consumers affordable pricing options because they have developed a very sustainable business model. They keep their manufacturing costs low and have high volume sales in the developing world, which allows them to offer a stable, affordable pricing model.  

This makes Luci lights affordable to people who can’t afford other lighting solutions, and convenient for anyone who needs additional lighting. What’s more, MPowerd reinvests the majority of their gross revenues into new sustainable ventures to promote their goal of sustainable living around the world.  

Certified B Corporation

One of the things that really sets MPowerd apart from their competitors is that they are a certified B CorporationThe defining characteristic of a B Corporation is they are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. 

They are also required to be very transparent and can be held accountable for their actions in ways that other businesses cannot.  

As a company whose purpose is to offer a sustainable and accessible light source, MPowerd is the perfect example of a B Corporation. Their dedication to creating a quality light source that’s accessible to everyone has resulted in praise around the world. Not only have they attracted customers from around the world, but they also inspire other light and technology companies to adhere to more ethical standards.  

Mpowerd as a Promotional Product

We’re thrilled to offer our clients these custom logoed lights that come with such a deep supply chain impact. With the success of the Luci light, MPowerd is poised for great success around the world. By bringing affordable and convenient light sources to the developing world, this company is giving people more hours in the day to work, play, and relax. 

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