September 27th Global Climate Strike – Time for Action from Business Leaders


Climate Strike Canada

B Corps for Climate Action

September is a month of climate action, with many businesses across the world mobilizing to raise awareness of the climate crisis, one of the greatest challenges of our time.

For nearly a year, Greta Thunberg has led one of the largest social movements to mobilize students to walk out of classrooms in support of immediate climate action. There is a global call for businesses to stand by students and show support during the September 20-27th Climate Change Week activities.

As a B Corp, we believe in using our businesses as a force for good. That’s why we’re calling upon all Canadian B Corps, and other business leaders, to support the climate strike alongside Climate Strike Canada.

The Climate Strike is happening in Canadian communities on September 27th. We worked with other B Corp business leaders to help build a Climate Strike Mobilization Toolkit. We encourage all and any business leaders (regardless of whether you’re a B Corp) to use the kit and to take a stand in your communities the week of September 20-27th.

How Your Company Can Take Climate Action

The Climate Strike is three weeks away now. Have you decided how you’ll support it? Here are three ways you can support climate action:

1. Support the strike on Friday, September 27:

There will be protests in every major city in Canada on September 27, and the time and location will vary by region. If you’re a business leader, consider empowering all staff within your organization to support the strike (should they wish to). To participate, mark your calendar, and visit this website here to find an event near you (scroll down to see the map and look for your city or region) and sign up for the strike near you. If you’re not in a position to let staff participate, consider participating yourself (and letting your team know that you are and that climate action is important to you).

2. Sign the B Corp Canada statement of support for climate action:

If you are a business leader, and you would like your business to publicly call for climate action, add your name to our ‘Statement of Support’ for climate action. Already, close to 40 CEOs have signed this statement. We will share this statement of support, along with all the brands that have signed it, with media as the Climate Strike approaches. You can sign this statement of support here.

3. Leverage your social channels:

Showcase your support for the Climate Strike and call upon others to join via your social channels. You can access sample content here.

4. Taking a stand during the election and other FAQ:

Make sure you’re clear on issues relating to the Elections Act. For example, it’s important to stay non-partisan in all your communications, do not support specific candidates, parties or platforms as part of your Climate Strike efforts. We created this FAQ sheet for the climate strike that addresses a range of questions, including those related to the Elections Act.

As business leaders, we can drive change in our operations, supply chains, and employment practices. We can also use our voice to call for action beyond our operations – join us in taking part in this September’s Climate Strike.