Reusable Menstrual Products Ft. Smith College

Reusable Menstrual Products at Smith College

For our second episode of the Fairware x Post Landfill Action Network (PLAN) video series, we visited Smith College to hear all about their reusable menstrual product campaign. We met some amazing student changemakers that have brought this campaign to life and we learned about how they’re working to break down the stigmas surrounding periods.

Smith College is a small, liberal arts, all-women’s college in Western Massachusetts, and sustainability if a big part of campus life. With its classic brick buildings, green lawns, specimen trees, Botanic Garden and Paradise Pond, the Smith College campus has all the hallmarks of a quintessential New England college.

During our visit, we met with students Shelby, Megan and Lillian, who are passionate about sustainability and environmental justice. They’re actively working toward a sustainable future on campus by running Smith College’s With the Flow (WTF) program that helps students take control of their menstrual impact on the environment and their bank accounts.

The With the Flow campaign hopes to increase awareness and access to sustainable menstrual products and get rid of the barrier to access that is the initial upfront cost. In turn, more people can benefit from the economic autonomy that comes with them. They do this by engaging with Smith students in honest discussions to help reduce stigma surrounding periods and period products, while also contributing to a shift in the types of menstrual products people are using.

We really enjoyed meeting with Shelby, Megan, and Lillian to learn all about how this campaign will lead to sustainable and long-lasting change in the lives of many Smith students and their communities.

Thanks again to our friends at PLAN for connecting us and moving ideas like With the Flow forward to create a lasting impact on campuses across the United States. Check out a few of our favourite quotes from this episode below, and be sure to watch the full video too!

We worked hard to make sure people didn’t just view our group as a sustainable product group that was trying to market a product, because we really wanted to help connect people with something that would make their lives better. – Shelby

This project is unique because it breaks down the stigma of periods, but also allows it to be an experience that is much more communal and we’re able to talk about it. – Megan

Something I wish everyone knew about menstrual cups is that they don’t hurt if you do it right. – Lillian

Keep an eye out for our next episode of this series coming soon, and get ready to be inspired by more student changemakers.