Proud to be Local: Join us for Buy Local Week!


Happy BC Buy Local Week!

At Fairware, we love supporting local businesses. Being a BC business ourself, we always aim to source from our local vendors first. Not only that, we get to work with some amazing companies like Vancity, Starworks, Mills Basics, ECO Apparel, Saul Good, Novex and Tradeworks – to name a few.

When LOCO BC launched Buy Local Week, it was only natural that we became members of this great organization. Celebrate BC Buy Local Week with us this year to help strengthen our community and economy. Every dollar that gets spent locally will get re-circulated back into our economy. So the next timeyou shop, think local and buy local, because when you do, you can make a HUGE impact.

Buy Local Week falls on this week of December 1-7, 2014. LOCO launched Buy Local Week in BC as an annual celebration of the unique contributions that local businesses make to our communities.