Lanyard Library: Keeping lanyards out of the landfill through the sharing economy

Fairware Lanyards from the Lanyard Library

Most lanyards have a limited lifetime – they’re worn once at an event and never thought of again, but even worse most lanyards end up in the landfill afterwards. With Fairware’s Lanyard Library project, we are here to change that.

We developed a lending library so you can borrow our lanyards and return them as soon as you’re finished! It is very easy, all you have to do is fill out the form on our website and we’ll get them ready for you. They’re washed between uses and a great way to have a professional look at your next event, without the associated cost or environmental footprint.

We ask lenders to pay for shipping, and to collect and return them after use. We also ask that you share some images and words so that we can show how they were used and for what type of events, and talk about what type of organizations or companies are using them. They’ve been worn by some of the greatest change makers around.

Our lanyards are also made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and manufactured right here in Canada. Considering the amount of garbage, particularly textiles, that ends up in landfills, every bit of recycling counts.

Not only are you saving money by not buying your own lanyards, you are also reducing the overall environmental impact of your event. Doesn’t that sound great? So next time you’re in need of some lanyards, head over to our website!

In the meantime, we got a TON of Lanyard Library stories archived on our site to share with you here. Check our contribution to the sharing economy.