Hope in Shadows Calendar – a great holiday gift

“Daphne’s Grandchildren” by Steven Mayes. The winning photo from the 2009 photography contest.

This year Fairware provided embroidered toques to the Hope in Shadows campaign at cost. The toques will be worn by sellers of the annual Hope in Shadows calendar, a fantastic initiative focused on promoting empowerment and employment on Vancouver’s downtown Eastside.

The calendars are tied in with an annual photography contest and are sold primarily on the streets of Vancouver by homeless and low-income vendors. Vendors purchase calendars for $10 each and sell them for $20, earning $10 on every calendar sold. Free training and support are provided to those interested in managing their own micro-business.

If you can’t find a vendor in your neighbourhood, other options for purchasing calendars are outlined on the Hope in Shadows web site. There’s also a Hope in Shadows book available which features stories behind some of the stunning contest photographs.

Both make a wonderful gift and it’s a great way to support a positive movement in our community. Contact Hope in Shadows for more information.