We love Atlantis not only for their specialization in design and manufacturing high-quality headwear but also their committed journey towards a sustainable business model and transparency. They guarantee a standard of quality and sustainability in their products by collaborating with Ritex and their OEKO-TEK certification.

To be consistent with their sustainability journey they decided to approach the 2023 Collection a little differently: turn their bestsellers into hats and beanies made from recycled or organic sources. They worked hard on this conversion to ensure the same quality, look and feel of their headwear while making them suitable for their new purpose, trying to raise awareness in the supply chain towards a more conscious choice. Headwear as they have always done, but more responsible.

Atlantis has been in the hat industry since 1955. You can trust them with their experience, design, and innovation in their products. They offer products with materials including but not limited to organic cotton, recycled polyester and more. Flip through this catalogue to learn more about them and find an array of products to choose from.

Atlantis Sustainable Headwear 2023