Embroidered Patches – Solutions for Employee Appreciation Gifts

Branded Patches were made for the Brightside Community Homes Foundation to accompany employee appreciation gifts to celebrate milestones. Brightside’s work to provide affordable homes to seniors, families, and people with disabilities, who would otherwise struggle with the demands of market housing, is why we think they are great. Brightside’s projects help house those most impacted by the housing affordability crisis facing renters in Metro Vancouver.


waterproof patch


The 1.27″ x 2.5″ Brightside embroidered patches feature a satin stitched edge and heat-sealed backing. Patches are a quality way to show off your branding and have them on hand for application on a range of products. Iron on to hats, bags, pouches – whatever you like. We recommend ordering a large quantity upfront (as long as there isn’t a rebrand planned), and you can have them applied to your future merchandise orders or use them as small giveaways.


rain jacket with patch

Rain Jackets

Brightside wanted to have their patch attached to our Stormtech Hooded Shell Jackets without impacting the jacket’s water resistance effectiveness, so we added a waterproof backing to the inside of the garment. Waterproof backings can be applied to any stitched/embroidery application to protect the material after decoration.


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