Pacha Soap Co. – Enamel Pins on Backer Cards

Pacha Soap Comakes hand-crafted bath products like bath salts, scrubs, soaps, and exfoliating blocks. Every Pacha Soap Co. body care product is free of synthetic fragrances, crafted in the USA, crueltyfree and made without SLS, parabens and sulphates. They even offer several gluten-free and vegan soaps! They want you to feel good when you buy their products and know that they’re using ingredients that are good for your skin and good for you. 

Their mission is to support ethical sourcing, clean water initiatives, hygiene education and small business opportunities worldwide. Pacha Soap Co.’s premium products are ethically sourced through a transparent supply chain that gives back to the people and communities who supply their ingredients.  

Earlier this year, we worked with Pacha Soap Co. on a campaign to promote the launch of their new liquid hand soap. To help support the campaign, we created custom pinback buttons on backer cards to be given away with their e-commerce orders and at the Expo West natural products tradeshow.  

The enamel pins are mini recreations of their top five hand-crafted, artisan bar soaps. Underneath the bar soap enamel pin, an image of the new liquid soap is revealed on the backer card. On the backside of the backer card is a call to action, informing the recipient of Pacha Soap Co.’s new liquid soap line with the offer to get 15% off their next liquid soap order using a limited offer discount code. 

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The campaign launched early this year, and the pins that were shipped with their online orders provided a $2,000 return to Pacha Soap through new liquid soap purchases.  

Considering the Covid-19 pandemic, Pacha Soap Co. decided not to attend Expo West and instead chose to re-purpose the pins that were earmarked for the trade show. To help encourage sales during uncertainty, they listed the pinback buttons for sale on their website and continue to honour the 15% discount. 

As a soap company focused on giving back, they felt they were in a unique position to shift their production to include hand sanitizer and support hospitals, nursing homes and organizations across the country. Pacha Soap Co. primarily focuses their mission work overseas, but during this time, they wanted to help more people locally. They started a campaign to help front line workers called Project #WeGotThis, and so far, they’ve been able to donate 12,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to 50+ organizations in the United StatesThe entire first batch produced was donated to hospitals, and by popular demand, they’ve now added hand sanitizer to their core product offering. 


Pacha Soap Line


In addition to their hand sanitizer, they created a custom donation bar soap stamped with “#WeGotThis” and self-care kits intended for the people who are putting their health on the line to help others. For every bar of soap purchased on their website, they’re donating a bar to communities in need across America. As of August 2020, they’ve donated more than 15,000 bars to 50+ organizations. 


Pacha Soap Co. is on a mission to implement sustainable solutions to the poverty cycle, promote health and well-being worldwide, and provide quality products for their customers. Let’s help them succeed!  

Head over to to purchase your own self-care products or support a front-line worker with the purchase of one of their #WeGotThis products. 

Feel good. Do good.