Case Study: Vega Custom Merchandise




Custom Branded Grocery Tote Bags, Smoothie Mason Jars with Straws and Tee Shirts


Plant-based protein powder powerhouse Vega was a central figure of the long awaited grand opening of the Whole Foods location in Burnaby, British Columbia. In an effort to say ‘thanks’ to the new store, their loyal customers, and potential Vega enthusiasts, the company wanted a fresh line of innovatively branded merchandise to give away – for free!

Vega representatives handed every shopper a Vega reusable grocery tote, a whimsical veggie-themed button, and coupons. Just inside the store’s entrance was a highly sought-after Vega Juice and Smoothie Bar. From there, Whole Foods employees donning co-branded Whole Foods and Vega shirts offered an exclusive array of freshly pressed juices and rejuvenating smoothies. Vega served the smoothies in free customized mason jars with straws.

The chic jars, branded shirts, and high-quality reusable totes were the result of a creative endeavour by Fairware in partnership with supplier ETS Express. Working closely with the Marketing team at Vega to determine the essence of the company’s mission and values, Fairware then translated that message into event merchandise. By understanding their narrative, Fairware helped tell the Vega brand story with our show don’t tell value added product philosophy.

Vega has long been a trusted source of plant-based nutritional supplements, vitamins, healthy meal replacements, protein shakes, and sports drinks, but the company also values education, self care, and holistic fitness. The Vega blog is a vault of free resources to help you feel your very best, from the inside out. As the primary sponsor of Thrive Forward, a free personalized plant-based nutrition program by Brendan Brazier, Vega offers access to the online courses that “covers the basics of plant-based nutrition to help transform your health” through detailed lessons, custom meal plans, and original recipes.

Vega’s commitment to sustainable, organic, ethically-sourced ingredients is demonstrated in all of their products and projects and as a result is a running theme through each promotion. Fairware enjoyed partnering with a company that values clean energy, holistic health, and food over pharmaceuticals.