Case Study: Method Recycled T-Shirts

Method Recycled Tees




Recycled T-shirts made of 50% Organic Cotton and 50% RPET


Method Cleaning Products is well-known internationally for their biodegradable, cruelty free, and non-toxic cleansers. Perhaps you have a method product or two under your sink right now. Founded in 2001, Method came about because clean surfaces and, environmentally-friendly solutions aren’t mutually exclusive, in fact they are a match made in the ‘bright green coloured glasses’ vision of the Method team.

Method’s tagline, “We are people against dirty,” highlights the company’s mission to rid the world of dirty surfaces and dirty energy. As a B Corporation, Method is in business to serve for social and environmental good. They do this by embracing a ‘cradle to cradle’ manufacturing philosophy,  a long-term, big-picture view when designing products; and considering the broader effects and potential consequences at the end of the product life cycle. They also encourage spontaneous bursts of enthusiasm while using their products – so start practicing your dance moves!

The company’s packaging is recycled and widely recyclable. They’ve even introduced an Ocean Plastic line, a 2-in-1 formula bottled in “a blend of recovered ocean plastic and post-consumer recycled plastic, a combination that results in a uniquely gray resin.” When your bottle is empty, refill pouches using 78-82% less energy, water, and plastic resources are available for purchase that also help you reduce your household waste.

Furthermore, the “dirty,” harmful ingredients lurking in most cleansers are nowhere to be found in Method’s list. Visit their website to read about commonly used toxic ingredients and their alternatives. With an entire product line that’s safe for use around animals and boasting a production process with a smaller carbon footprint than competitors’, Method walks the walk when it comes to green business.

Always looking to partner up with conscious companies and fellow B Corps, Fairware created Recycled T-shirts for staff orientation events. Made from organic cotton and recycled polyester made from plastic bottles these Tees truly embody Method’s mission to have a positive impact on the natural world.  Showcasing Method’s motto, this project is evidence that branded merchandise can be a living example of a company’s vision and commitments.