Case Study: ETSY Bike to Work Week Custom Cycling Socks

Etsy Custom Cycling Socks




Made in USA – Recycled PET Custom Cycling Socks


Etsy staff in New York City wanted a fun and relevant give-away to help them celebrate Bike Week. What better way to show off both company and pedal pride than with a pair of custom cycling socks? Fairware delivered with “wheelie cool” design on domestically-produced USA custom cycling socks made from recycled polyester.

Despite a history spanning generations, cycling is on the rise like never before. Between wildly fluctuating gas prices, energy conservation in response to climate change, millennials demanding walkable and bikeable city centers, and mounting health crises, cycling has re-emerged as a fun, affordable, and green solution to many modern problems.

As more folks hit the road and advocate for biking safety and improved infrastructure for cyclists, charity rides and “bike to work” initiatives continue to pop up around the world. Hundreds of cities throughout the United States actively promote The League of American Bicyclists’ National Bike Month. Held in May of 2016, the biggest day of the month was Bike to Work Day on May 20. According to the League of American Bicyclists, “40% of all trips in the U.S. are less than two miles … and from 2000 to 2013, the number of bicycle commuters in the U.S. grew by more than 62 percent”.

“American communities have been successful in increasing bicycle commuting by providing Bike to Work Week and Bike to Work Day events.” New York is no stranger to cycling culture, and through embracing its Bike Week, Etsy hoped to further spread the message that cycling is a safe and eco-friendly alternative mode of transportation.

Exemplifying Fairware’s commitment to sustainability, the socks are made in the USA from recycled polyester and sport a whimsical, ‘punny’ Etsy-inspired and bike-themed logo. In the spirit of recycling, Etsy staffers can now shun rush hour traffic while donning these special socks during their two-wheeled commutes… Fairware is pretty sure they make you ride a little faster.