Can Brand Promotion Drive Social Change?


Tom Bowman of Climate Report talks with Fairware’s Denise Taschereau about turning the “schwag” industry into a force for good in his latest podcast.

Promotional products are a $20 billion industry. To see how companies manage their schwag, you have to tumble all the way down the marketing food chain, from the top where PR and advertising agencies vie for supremacy all the way to the bottom. Yet promotional products are the few touch points that most of us have with the brands that are leading the way of climate action.

Which raises these questions:

  • If schwag reminds of us brands, what is it telling us?
  • What does a company’s schwag stand for?
  • Ultimately, can schwag actually help brands drive social and environmental process?

Denise addresses these questions in this engaging Climate Report. Listen to the full podcast here.

Tom Bowan is founder and CEO of Bowman Change, Inc., a consultancy dedicated to helping organizations reap the benefits of working with purpose—making social issues and environmental change central to their missions.