Bottled Water: bad for the environment and your health


Lately at Fairware we’ve been taking a closer look at the bottled water industry. There are some shocking facts about this product as it relates to your health and the environment.

Contrary to the clean, fresh images in bottled water ads, there’s no conclusive evidence that it’s any safer than tap water. In fact, given lax labeling laws, it seems we know less about what’s actually in bottled water. Combine this with socio-economic concerns surrounding the privatization of potable resources, and like us, you’re probably wondering why bottled water has become so ubiquitous.

There are also major environmental implications to the bottled water industry, including the depletion of groundwater sources, the creation of harmful greenhouse gas emissions from bottling and transporting, and the problems resulting from plastic packaging entering our waterways and filling our landfills. Don’t be fooled, recycling the plastic bottles doesn’t make up for this.

Clearly bottled water needs to be cut from our day-to-day. Consider these tips for making the transition:

  1. Get carafes and glasses in your office for serving water at meetings and events.
  2. Hand out reusable water bottles to your colleagues and employees.
  3. Give custom branded water bottles to your clients – they make a practical gift.
  4. Planning an event? Present conference attendees with reusable water bottles to use and take home.
  5. Sign the Council of Canadians’ Tap Water Pledge and organize a Water Watch Committee
  6. If you’re unhappy with the taste or quality of tap water in your area, look into purchasing a filtration system.

One comment:

  1. Several years ago it was brought to my attention that there can be substantial differences in the taste of water. Algonquin lakes vary from one to the next. Bottled waters vary considerably also. I had not noticed the obvious.

    Here at home the water is from a spring fed well. Because it does not come from the municipal system there is no chlorine. This gives the water a distinct advantage over some other waters.

    When drinking from a municipal water system the flavour can be substantially improved by filtration.

    Drinking filtered water from a known source should be strongly favoured over bottled water of unknown vintage. More eco friendly also.

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