A Rocker for Street Soccer

a collection of re-purposed Fairware sample shirts

When the Portland FC, a street soccer team based out of shelters in the Downtown Eastside, approached Fairware for a donation of t-shirts for an upcoming fundraiser, we had just the thing.

Carolyn Askew & Nick Louie at the Rocker for Street Soccer

It was time for a little spring cleaning at Fairware. We had a bunch of t-shirt samples acquired over the past few years that no longer matched the stock our suppliers currently offer. It was a real mix bag of sizes, colours and styles, but all great quality (most with organic content).

The team needed the shirts for their upcoming Rocker for Street Soccer, a fundraiser held to raise money for the team. Portland FC competes in the Vancouver Street Soccer League and the fundraiser was held to raise money for uniforms, equipment, as well as travel expenses. The team is pairing up with Street Soccer Canada to send some players to the 2010 Homeless World Cup in Rio, Brazil.

celebration shot

So we dug into the sample stock. Once we sorted through, we were able to pull together a full size curve of 65 tees in a rainbow of colours. Printed with fantastic artwork supplied by Portland FC, each shirt was completely unique.

Checkout some shots of the tees on our Flickr site.


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