Aspen Skiing Company


Messenger Bags


The Environment Foundation of the Aspen Skiing Company was looking for a way to encourage employees to join the foundation and incent existing donors to increase their contribution. We worked with them to repurpose their soon-to-be-retired employee ski uniforms as our material source. The result? Bomber tote and messenger style bags – we even ensured the garments were deconstructed in a way that allowed us to reuse existing logos.

When I buy products from Fairware I know that the companies that manufacture the stuff I sell to guests and employees is deeply aligned with the values of our company and foundation. Fairware staff have been in the trenches and been asked the tough questions about how a product is made. They understand that the importance of the story of the product is almost as important as the product itself. In addition, Fairware staff are willing to listen to and understand our needs then spend the time needed to find the right product for our employees and guests.

— Matthew Hamilton, Executive Director / The Environment Foundation