Fairware was co-founded in 2005 by Andrea Harris, Denise Taschereau and Sarah White. Denise and Sarah act as CEO and COO respectively, and Andrea acts as Chief of our Fan Club and Ongoing Advisor.

Denise Taschereau

Denise is chief executive officer (CEO) and cofounder of Fairware where she is responsible for business development, product sourcing and Fairware’s ethical sourcing and sustainability programs.

Denise got the idea to launch Fairware when she noticed how difficult it was to source promotional merchandise that reflected the social and environmental priorities of many of the brands and organizations she admired.

Prior to starting Fairware, Denise spent seven years as the Director of Sustainability and Community for Mountain Equipment Co-op, Canada’s largest outdoor retailer. At MEC, she oversaw the Co-op’s national environmental programs, community grant-making and ethical sourcing programs, and wrote their award-winning first Sustainability Report.

Denise is a member of ETSY’s Manufacturing Advisory Board, a Board Member with the Green Meeting Industry Council and the past co-chair of Vision Vancouver, Vancouver’s ruling municipal political party. She has a Masters of Resource and Environmental Management from Simon Fraser University.

When she’s not working, Denise obsesses about anything to do with bikes and municipal politics. She lives in East Vancouver with her partner, their two boys and lots of bicycles. Future plans include becoming an interior decorator for political backrooms and drinking coffee on the sidelines of Giro d’Italia.

Sarah White

Sarah is the chief operating officer (COO) and cofounder of Fairware where she is responsible for operational management, human resources and finance.

Fairware got its start in Sarah’s garage in 2005, and now has a bustling office in south Mount Pleasant. Sarah’s day-to-day involves systems, human resources, project management and making sure Fairware’s culture of humour, creativity and high fives is alive and thriving.

Before Fairware, Sarah was doing what she still does today – working for something she believes in. Sarah’s path has always been one of creativity and building something new. Her passion for community, empowerment, and collaboration to reach shared goals has been realized through her work facilitating large scale community public art and design projects, including Mosaic Creek Park in East Vancouver, and in the elementary school system.

Sarah currently serves on the board and is Director of Sponsorships for the Vancouver Street Soccer League, an organization that uses soccer to inspire and empower.

Outside of work, Sarah cherishes time spent with her family and friends, and encouraging vegetables to grow in her back yard. You’ll also find her very content watching or playing sports of any kind. Favourites include skiing, field hockey and basketball in the alley with her son. She lives in Vancouver with her partner and is venturing down the path of empty nesting.